Digitone or Octatrack in Current Set Up

I know this question has been asked a million which ways, but everyone’s set up is different, so here goes.

Current Gear:

  • Korg Minilogue
  • Roland TR-8s
  • Midi keyboard
  • Ableton Lite

I kind of hate looking at my DAW when trying to create or jam, so am really wanting to go DAWless, at least for the initial creative process. My tastes are generally in house music, but I prefer lots of texture and slow melodies, rather than tight club bangers.

So, I’ve saved enough for a DN, but now am wondering if I might get more longetivity (and better DAWlessness) by selling the TR-8s to make up the difference to an OT MKII.

What do you guys think?

  1. Just buy a DN.
  2. Sell the TR-8s and get an OT MKII.
  3. Wait a couple more months to keep the TR-8s and get an OT.
  4. An OT MKI is just as good as an MKII for me right now.

Thanks everyone. Excited to be diving in to the Elektron world.

Sell the tr8s.

Sell the keyboard (you can use the Minilogue keys)

Buy a mk1 OT or a Rytm mk1

Buy a digitone.


Grab a Rytm MKI and OTMKI.

The RYTM is basically a workstation at this point with the Dual VCO.

You can drop in samples whenever you want, too. Any kind of sample. Drums, synth, fx whatever.

The Digitone is great …but it’s a “sound”. I liked mine, but sold it because the “sound” wasn’t what I wanted often enough. It was especially great when it was the dominant sound in a track. Adding it to a track loaded with a Boomstar and P6, for example, left me with using bell type sounds in order to cut through.

I found the RYTM and OT to be the real gems.

I have two RYTMS MKI , a Digitakt, Analog Keys and Octatrack MKII.

I’ve owned the A4 and Digitone with this setup.

It’s simply that the updates to the RYTM have made it the greatest drum machine ever made.


Minilogue + DN + DT. Maybe add a mono like the AS-1 or SE-02 later.


I second the Rytm, it can do so much.
Synth drums, only samples, both!


Wow, thanks everyone!

So much love for the RYTM. Hadn’t even considered it. I just assumed the OT was the holy grail of Elektron gear, so it’d do everything I need.

I have two concerns currently.

  1. Neither my Roland or Minilogue allow for a ton of improv once a song is going. If I’m jamming and find good parts for either, I start to feel stuck. Like there’s not a lot of manipulation I can do live that doesnt mess up whatever groove. So, having more sound options seemed like the right call.

  2. The OT seemed smart as it could be the brain for all current and future gear.

Do you guys think the RYTM is complete enough to where, just it and the minilogue would give tons of flexibility for live jamming? Would I miss the ability to sequence other gear?

I don’t think Rytm is the only answer.

I think the Octa is one logical answer if you’re looking for a ‘hub’ of sorts. The MPC Live is another, but it’s a very very different feel – less tactile and immediate, albeit more fully featured.

Octa plus:

-Octa can sample, even quantized (so you can capture perfect loops from your other machines)
-Octa can sequence other gear via MIDI
-The crossfader is fantastic for live manipulation (but the Rytm has plenty of capability there, too)
-The Octa can function as a mini-mixer, pretty dynamic one.

Octa minus:
-The sample chop facilities are outdated – no transient chopping, no triggering of slices using a MIDI controller
-The effects could be better – for instance, the Digitone’s reverb is miles ahead.
-Timestrech algo isn’t fantastic.


Wanted to let everyone know, I grabbed a used RYTM MKii. Should be getting it late next week. I’ve now watched all the videos and read the manual. Super pumped. Thanks for all the guidance.


You will be stoked😎


The MPC Live has a MIDI Clock issue. It really reveals itself when using arps and delays. I’ve bought and sold three of them. Every firmware release they say it’s been addressed, but it hasn’t. No matter. I have an OT.

The OT is incredible. But it isn’t a RYTM. And the RYTM isn’t an OT. The more I use them, the more I realize I can’t live without them!

The OT is a swiss army knife performance sampler audio mangler mixer looper device of the Gods. It’s very good to pair with a RYTM.

But so is an Analog Keys a good pairing. Especially for live control. You can trigger pattern changes with the keys (mapping) and have other zones mapped for sounds etc

The RYTM scene and peformance modes are fantastic.

I use the RYTM sample playback for layering, percussive sample manipulation and choking tricks.

I use my Digitakt for more traditional mono sample playback sound clips, wave form bass/lead etc and MIDI sequencing.

I use the OT for master bus control, thru machines, MIDI sequencing and stereo stems to be mangled.

I haven’t gotten into the pickup machine world yet.

The RYTM with the OT might be all you need. Especially with the DUAL VCO in the RYTM.


Why buy more gear? You have a synth and a drum machine. Both have midi and patch memory. Jam on those until you are happy. Then record later. Overdub the rest of the track to suit.
If you dont have a mixer, I would say… Get a mixer.