Digitone, Overbridge, Bitwig 3 per track effects and more

Bitwig 3.1.3 + Digitone 1.2.1 + Overbridge 2.0.31

I’d like to achieve:
Each Digitone track to a separate bitwig track (this I can do mostly)
Each of those separate tracks can be heard individually, soloed, muted individually
Each of those separate individual digitone tracks can have different DAW/VST effects placed on them, including “HW FX”
HW FX so that I can send a single Digitone track out to something like an Empress Reverb or Analog Heat

I can get some of this working but not all of it.

I can get the Digitone to send its 4 separate Digitone tracks to 4 separate Bitwig audio tracks but I can’t hear those tracks individually and I can’t add effects to those individual tracks that I can listen to and adjust while listening to. When I start recording I have very little idea what’s really happening witht hose 4 separate Bitwig audio tracks. I can see a waveform being laid down but I can’t tell/hear what’s being recorded. I can’t, for example, send one of those tracks into a VST and hear the result. I have no idea if the VST reverb or other effect is being applied or if it sounds good.

Is what I’ve already got going the best I can get with Overbridge + Bitwig right now or can I do more? Am I missing some steps that’ll get me closer to my goal?