Digitone parameters per bank

Hey everyone

I just got a Digitone and just got on this forum. Does anyone have any good tricks to make parameter editing a little more easy and consistent between patterns? Maybe a way to have parameters and sounds attached to banks rather than patterns? Or just a good way to edit all patterns in the bank at the same time. It’s especially tricky in chain mode when the pages switch every measure. I’ve been toughing it out with speedy copy and pasting but just wondering if there’s any tricks I don’t know about.

Thanks so much, lemme know

Sorrily no.

Other Elektron devices like the Analog Four, Rytm or Octatrack has a separate kit structure for all the settings which may be shared between patterns, but the Digitakt and Digitone has not. They store all settings in the patterns themselves, so they can’t be shared.

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Dang that’s tragic, are there any tricks to make a work around a little easier?

Besides copying and pasting stuff around like there is no tomorrow? I fear not.