Digitone patch changing randomly

I can’t tell if it’s me or a problem with my digitone but once in a while I’ll create a really nice patch that I’ve spent a while tweaking and suddenly it’ll totally change without me doing anything.

Is there a fix for this? I am using overbridge

Riker out

Have you switched banks accidently?

I used to have overbridge preset and it was resetting some of the params in a patch, I don’t use it anymore but try setting the plugin from scratch

I doubt it. It happened last night after I exported something in ableton with the pure MIDI from the digitone and it changed the patch. I feel as though it changed some of the parameters on the patch I’d built because it still sounded somewhat similar. Same ADSR and filter envelopes.

Need more answers on this. It happened again after I spent about an hour getting a patch to fit in a mix. Honestly if I don’t find a fix for this im gonna sell this thing.

Are you using a DAW? I’ve noticed, when recording audio via Overbridge in Ableton, the parameter changes also get recorded via MIDI. So when you replay your recording, the parameter changes will happen as you tweaked them.


Does it only happen when running through Overbridge? To help troubleshoot, maybe try making patches with no MIDI or USB plugged in. If it still happens, you’ll know it’s the DN itself. If not, we can start investigating what’s sending what over USB.

Is there a way to disable that? I don’t need to automate MIDI effects.

I’m fairly certain it’s to do with Overbridge. Generally happens after I export something from Ableton or record something from one track to another.

I’m a Logic/Bitwig guy, and between them have managed to keep a near complete ignorance of Ableton :frowning: And I’m not a frequent user of Overbridge either, so I hope someone else chimes in with insight. But here are some thoughts to get started:

First, in Overbridge, is Total Recall enabled? For me this is pretty reliable, always asking me how I want to resolve conflicts if it detects the device and the plugin have gotten out of sync…But it’s whole reason for being is more or less to suddenly overwrite the patch on your device, and maybe something is triggering it inappropriately? Anyway, I start there, disabling it just to make sure it’s not the culprit.

Second, you can map a bunch of otherwise innocuous MIDI things to sensitive parameters in Overbridge. I once forgot I had my mod wheel mapped to the patch’s algorithm. And if I brushed it or bumped my keyboard with enough force, my patch would sound scattered — similar enough because the carriers and ENVs were all the same, but really weird because of the different modulation paths. Maybe that’s the situation here?

Third, pretty much everything in Overbridge can record automation. I’m not sure how Ableton handles that, but if there’s a lane somewhere with a stray bit of automation on it, that could get confusing quick. Does Ableton let you disable playback of all automation? Does that help?

Finally, in the DAWs I’m familiar with anyway, you can set up some parameters on midi tracks like the program change and MSB/LSB of the bank. These are not always continuously sent. Sometimes they’re sent to the midi channel every playback. Sometimes only when played back from the beginning. Sometimes only when you click the “rewind to start” button on your transport. It really depends on the DAW.

But anyway: program changes change patches on most synths, but on the DN and other Elektrons, they change the selected pattern. If you were jamming out on pattern A01 for a while and getting program changes that setting you “back” to pattern A01, you might not notice anything. Then you move to a different pattern or bank, like B03, and set up some different patches and you get jumped back to by a program change to A01 again. You haven’t noticed that pattern has changed just that some (maybe not even all) of the sounds on your tracks have switched?

Anyway, this is all a lot of shooting in the dark. To figure anything else out for sure, it’s going to require a lot of experimentation and isolation. The number one best thing to help with that is to be able to reproduce the problem on demand. So even if you don’t find a fix, maybe play around with it enough to get a sense for how to reliably make it happen?