Digitone played/controlled by Seaboard Rise


I played my Digitone with my new bought Seaboard Rise 25 for the first time tonight and Wow! It worked way better than I expected and it was pretty easy to set it up. The seaboard opens up new creative ways of using my Digitone. Amazing!

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No one is going to believe you … unless you post a video :slight_smile:

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Hehe You will have to take my word for it, but who knows, maybe I will post a video of it later. :grinning:

How did you connect them together. I didn’t think the Seaboard had a midi connector.

I connected them with my computer. You can either do that or connect them via a USB to midi DIN adapter.

I connected both devices to my computer and made a preset in the seaboard dashboard where I chose Midi mode Multi Channel, midi start to 1, midi end to 4 and Slide CC to 1.

You will also need to match the pitch bend range setting in the dashboard with the selected setting in Digitone.

On my Digitone I made a sound with velocity, mod wheel (and the other available modulation sources) settings to taste. Then I copied the sound to the other 3 tracks on my Digitone. In studio one I created 4 tracks and used channel 1 to 4.