Digitone plays Doom E1M1 music

I re-created the E1M1 music and instruments on the Digitone, and then had a bit of fun with it in an extended jam.


Yes !! Finally !! Well done, sir. Love it.

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Thanks :smiley:

That’s hot!

I love this so much.

Super cool, especially those fast arp sections at the end of the phrases. Seems the DN is perfectly suited for this sort of cover, looking forward to hearing more!

Thanks everyone! I’m up for more suggestions of opl3/fm music to interpret; I was thinking of trying something from Sonic 2 or 3 next…


this is just great. hold my beer :beer: and get me my chainsaw. :skull_and_crossbones:

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Awesome!! Maybe needs a little distortion though. :upside_down_face:

Very nice!!

How about Purple Motion’s Star Port 2 Intro Music? :wink:

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Thanks everyone!

Ha! I agree actually. I used the overdrive a little, but could have maxed it out :smiley:


How long did it take you to design those patches ?

Patches didn’t take too long, the snare was most difficult as I wanted to get it as close as possible. The sequence actually took longer than I expected (~2 hours), as I ended up using elektron sequencer tricks to squeeze more out of single patterns.

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love this. nice work!


I’m so close to 1000 subscribers, anyone up for clicking the subscribe button? I’m aiming to have a new video at least fortnightly. Would be much appreciated :smiley:


You get that Starport intro done and I’ll click.


Joking… I’ll click it in a sec…

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Oh wait, I already did…

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haha, thanks!

Sorry for the spam, I feel kinda dirty asking for subscribers but I’m so close!


One more suggestion… …if you were looking for more… :smiley:

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