Digitone plays track one no matter what track is selected

I posted this on another thread with a similar, but somewhat different issue where someone experienced this issue only when using a midi keyboard. I am experiencing this issue even with the DN buttons, not matter which track I select, they continue to play the sound from the first track. I also cannot load sounds onto them. Maybe I’m a total noob, but i cant seem to remedy the problem. I updated the firmware last night, as well as the new overbridge to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Each track has its own midi channel, so you need to select channel 1, 2, 3 or 4 on your midi keyboard.

Check the “Channels” Page in the MIDI settings. Set your keyboard to the autochannel and it’ll behave the way you are expecting.

Loading sounds to a channel is as easy as having a track selecting, then turn the level encoder while holding FUNC. Scroll to the sounds you want and press yes to load it.

Can you play sounds on other tracks with the digitone’s keyboard?

How do you select your Tracks? Are you in Grid Recording Mode? We need more info.

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. Tracks 1-4 are on midi tracks 1-4, respectively. Midi tracks 1-4 are on tracks 5-8, respectively. FX control is on midi channel 9, Auto channel is on midi channel 10. As I said, it happens with both the midi keyboard (Keystep) and the DN’s own keyboard. I reloaded a new project and tried again; same issue. It happens regardless of whether I’m in grid recording mode, live recording mode, or not recording and just tweaking patches.

Something similar happened to me earlier, it turns out I had 8 locked voices on Track 1. I couldn’t get any other tracks to trigger.

Not sure if that’s the issue since you said it was a new project

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It was a combination of things, including what you mentioned. So I had several voices locked, but also had inadvertently changed the midi channel on the Keystep, so when I opened a new project, it seemed as though I was having the same issue when in reality, it was a completely different issue. As long as the midi controller was connected, it prevented tracks from changing even on the DN keyboard, which I think is odd, but once I unplugged it, I was able to access the other tracks. Really simple stuff here, hahaha. Thanks everyone for the help!

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