Digitone Program Change not working with MPC

Hi everyone. Ive recently been using the Digitone, DSI Pro 2 and MPC live for some hardware jams and everything is working perfectly with the <PC as the main MIDI sequencer for both units. I saw a video where a guy was using the program change function on the MPC live to change the pattern of the Digitakt. I have done the exact same settings for the digitone but it doesnt seem to take any notice of it. I know the MPC is set up correctly as when i send program changes to the PRO 2, it changes the preset instantly and smoothly.
The digitone is set up in Midi Config to receive program changes as well so im not sure what to do next.
Tired everything and looked on line but nothing as im sure its quite a specific problem.
Also just to throw in (i know what im doing and can normally troubleshoot any studio issue…i just for some reason have come to a halt on this one)

Anyone with any input would be greatly appreciated

You didn’t mention which MIDI channel numbers you’re using to send and receive the Program Change messages.
Also, have you set up the PORT CONFIG menu to receive MIDI from the MIDI port?