Digitone sequencer won’t live record (SOLVED)

One of you geniuses will figure this out in a finger snap: I’ve been live recording sequences no problem for the last two weeks since I bought the DN. (Bought, fell in love with an OT prior.) Today, it’s not working and nothing in manual explains what could be wrong. I did use it to control another synth vía midi recently… could that be it?

Thank you for your time!

In PORT CONFIG menu did you set TRIG KEY DEST to INT (+EXT) ?

Thank you: yes, it was set to INT. (But now I added + EXT for when I next use it to drive an ext synth)

Another clue: in grid record, I can manually add trigs, they have note (pitch) values, etc. During playback they are silent. With playback stopped, when I hit the “trig” keys, the chosen sound plays.

I’m a genius. (Read I’m so dumb.) I had the track muted; which will mute playback of trigs but not a performance of the active sound. It’s that simple.