Digitone soundpack problem

Every time I drop the sysex file it never loads in the file screen. It loads below it. And nothing transfers

i’d check basics, like not being in OB mode and ensure when you switch to USB Midi mode that it appears properly in Audio Midi Setup - then start Transfer and try again

ob mode?

ok no overbridge. ive tried downloading everything again its the software im on the new 1.30 os

I even tried using c6 but it wont pickup the digitone

Can you see it in Audio Midi Setup? And do other external midi events work without issue. Try a different soundpack, a free one, or try to capture from DN and resend

Yeah I tried that. I tried a demo sound pack same thing happenned. I only use midi clock from octatrack to digitone and it responds well.

I had to do a factory reset and that solved it!