Digitone startup freeze

Hi there!

Did someone experience a similar error like mine? I contacted support already, but just wanted to see, if someone else from the community experienced the same. I’m a bit afraid, that I’ll get a new device and loose all my projects, since I didn’t backup the few last ones on my pc.
I had the latest firmware installed.

I had mine freeze on me today. But without any message. It just got stuck on the logo screen… Also on OS 1.21. Waited for a minute or so and turned off and on again without any problem.
Not the same I know, but thought i’d share in this thread if anyone else experiences startup freezing on the Digitone.

My digitone is freezing at startup. There is no error in test mode. I was able to upgrade to 1.31 (midi sysex procedure) but the machine is still freezed when the icon fractalize. … i’m waiting for my ticket. i have no backup of all my work :o(
fingers crossed !

I ended up sending mine to Elektron. The RAM had to be changed and I lost some of my recent projects. Fingers crossed nothing like that happened to yours.

I wish Elektron would get this sorted out. Imagine showing up at a gig, then having to stand onstage and announce to the crowd “I’m sorry but I can’t play tonight because my Digitone/Digitakt won’t power up”.