DIGITONE total-crash while turning encoders

have a lots of this chrashes ???

If yes: send in to repair.
I never had such a failure. Only thing happened to me was a hang on bootup, but nothing more. I use it nearly daily, and fiddle around with it constantly.


That looks pretty severe. I would definitely get that sent into repair.

Just because software crashes doesn’t mean it requires physical repair. Contact Elektron support with the screenshot attached. They can make sense of it.

BTW: What OS version are you running?


i think i have isolated the problem. i sent MIDI CC to track one (ch 1) from a second track in live. not the one, the digitone gets the note/vel values. this seems to make the whole machine instable …

ok. that wasn’t the problem. as soon as the machine gets some MIDI_CC from midi-LFO’s and you turn the knobs a lot it gets instable …
that was a behavior ive seen in overbridge too (when automating more parameters at the same time it freezes often) - thats why i went back to midi cc. :frowning:

Sadly, the DN has problems from its launch, it is a real nice approach to FM but shadowed by its crashing fw… :frowning:

Never crashed on me for almost an year of regular use

Lucky one, exchanged once, did not help :(, also had tickets open which acknowledged boot problems…

do you automate different parameters with midi-cc while additional turning the knobs? :wink:

i have the same Trouble last Night, was so happy about the Pattern i had make and saved the Session twice via Save Projekt Short Cut (Func+Proj.) half an hour later it crashed and after Reboot sadly the Pattern was gone.
had a slightly other message

just opened a Support ticket


That is one horrifying story, you have my sympathy :unamused:
My guess is that if you don’t use the Save Pattern function, patterns are not saved to the +Drive but only to RAM, which sadly got cleared by the crash.

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I use the DT to control few things on the DN via midi and I automate/plock a lot of stuff while also turning knobs. Not sure if that answers your question.

the problem here starts to appear when applying multiple midi-cc to the DN from abletons live.

nothing special. but i mostly have a lots of modulation from live running …

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