Digitone Track Transpose

To transpose a Midi track in Digitone, select the midi track you want to change, then push the Add Notes button, turn the Knob H, to increase or decrease semi tones, and push YES

To transpose Audio Tracks is the same or, hold down function button and press the Trig button, use the arrows to scroll down to Octave and use the left and right arrows to increase or decrease in octaves.

You can also hold the Track button and press the up and down arrows.


Do you think there could be a conflict somewhere just holding down a track button and press a trig transposing it that way? ‘note on’ via midi in this way would be great. Right now using up/down arrow isn’t that ‘direct’ as it could be i think. Maybe a transpose menu in settings for global or only tracks would be nice to see in next os update. cheers!