Digitone: Undo Like cmd + z?

Hi guys!

I am just asking myself if there is an undo on digitone that comes close to the undo like at computers (cmd + z). Do you have any tips? I am just pretty unlucky sometimes and will deltete some parameter locks that are difficult and time intense to recreate.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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Not really. Just save often and reload if you need to. I am massively panicked whenever I’m nearing the final stages of a mix/pattern/song, etc that I save every time I change something! I might be mad tho, so take it with a fistful of salt :sweat_smile:

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Phew, at least one layer of undo on the Analogs and OT for clear and paste operations (not sure if the silver boxes had it), but you can always save multiple project iteration so you always have something to fall back onto.

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Thx for the fast reply guys!! So you will recommend to press save pattern as much as possible? Or is there another option to save???

The Digis should allow to save the project into a new slot (I don´t own one), so save into “My New Project 1”, then work in this project and you can always go back to “My New project”.
After some time, you save to “My New Project 2” and continue work there. etc.

And make sure to follow correct saving routine inside the project, (patterns, temp save etc.), there´s a thread here somewhere.

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Yes I deed, saving pattern often is good practice.
If you copy-paste or clear by error, redo the last action immediately to undo it.

Save your project as well regularly, especially before a jam session or a live pa.

And last thing is backup every x months and especially before upgrading the os, so that you can reload an old project if needed.


So the Digi boxes also have one undo layer! Nice.

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The one Undo layer I miss is the one when I accidentally remove a trig which had a lot going on… Turning knobs I don’t mind, not so hard to restore one setting but a trig, with root note, condition, all sorts of parameter lock, that’s a hard one! (talking for the Digitakt for now but a Digitone is on the way)

thats what i meant :confused: