Digitone > USB > iPad arpeggiator app to trigger internal tracks

Hi folks.

With the new USB functionality, is it possible to route the Digitone into an iPad, into AUM, and then use an app like StepPolyArp to trigger one of the internal Digitone tracks? Thereby adding MIDI expression that Digitone doesn’t have? (chord/poly arp mode)


I don’t know the specific app you mention. But sure, why not? I say go nuts.
You just have to take a good look at the DN midi settings.

You do know the Digitone already has an arp and a chord mode right?

If you want to use the chord mode together with an external arp, keep in mind there is a bug when triggering chords via midi(voices don’t get allocated properly). I don’t know for sure if this bug is present on usb midi though, but it is on din midi.

I’ve done this on the DT (sending DT midi to AUM and then back to DT) so see no reason why the Digitone wouldn’t work similarly. StepPolyArp will work fine.

I thought Digitone did NOT have a chord mode? Do you mean playing a chord and then the chord repeating automatically?

This is awesome to read. Which app did you use? So effectively you’re using AUM / App to trigger the internal tracks on the DT?

No, I mean playing a single note and the Digitone makes it a chord.
If you select a musical scale, the chords follow the scale.

Stuff that runs midi nicely in AUM:

mirack (recently)
Step poly arp

EDIT - though mirack and cycle don’t arpeggiate and I’ve yet to get my head around Drambo’s arpeggiator.

Don’t forget MidiSteps – just got updated with AUv3. :smiley:

Have you tried the poly mode on steppolyarp with the Digitone to play chords that repeat?