Digitone usb recording = huge delay in FL studio

Not sure if this issue is latency related and only specific to FL studio. But it would be nice to know if anyone else is experiencing this behaviour.

I have setup my Digitone in FL Studio so that the 4 tracks are on separate mixer channels. I have also applied delay compensation so that the Digitone audio aligns with my sound cards captured audio.

I can record fine and all, but my issue is that the audio from the Digitone starts recording after almost a second or two when I start recording in Fl studio.
So it seems like there is a huge delay (latency?) happening somewhere.

The audio is synced when I look at the mixer and according to what I hear. But it seems like the audio is muted/delayed for a second or two as soon I enable recording in Fl studio. This happens only to the Digitone.

You can’t just remove latency via a setting. You can only add more latency to correct sync issues. Latency from the buffer setting adds latency to audio going in as well as going out.

So is the recording in sync, what’s your master clock set as?

It seems to be in sync after dialing the correct plugin delay compensation. But now that I think about it, I have only messed with short click like sounds so far in my quest for trying to sync everything up. Not sure if everything from the Digitone starts late, and if I have accidentally setup FL studio to send transport when I hit play with recording enabled. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. But i’ll have to double check it.

My master clock my SL MK3. I have all my outboard gear connected to it and then to an XR18 mixer. I have all 18 tracks setup in FL, and then Digitones 4 tracks through the Digitone plugin. I’m only using FL studio for recording takes. I would have loved to not use Overbridge for it, but I have found that it is a good thing to be able to mess with the mixing afterwards instead of only recording the Digitone as a stereo track. So atm it feels like I want to try to get it to work.