Digitone won't boot

Hi, my Digitone is failing to boot after roughly 300 hours of succesful use. The screen stays blank and i get flickering lights (attached video).

I’ve tried leaving it unplugged for hours in case it’s to do with the supercapicator, tried a different known working psu, power cycling and attempted to enter test mode to no avail.

Has anyone had similar experience ? This was to be used as an integral part of my live show but now i’m not so sure.

Haven’t seen that one on here before, from what you describe I’d say good luck and contact Electron Support, I think you’ve already eliminated most other options.

I recently had to replace the power cable for my Digitone because even seeming perfectly fine it began to have some false contact issue, and gave me strange booting like yours. Have you check your power cable unit then ?

Yes, I have another spare power supply that I tried, but the same results.

I’ve opened a ticket with Elektron and will provide an update with the proposed resolution.