Digitone X and y ratio making different sounds

Hi, is it normal for the x and y mix to sound slightly different on the digitone even if all the ratios are the same for both? I’ll try to explain best I can. So I have a clear patch set to algorithm 2, All carriers and modulators set to 1.00 with no feedback. And level for both A and B set to 70. So I set the mix to Y and get a clear fundamental with some overtones and if I set it to X I get a slightly lower fundamental and louder overtones making a more nasel sound.

Short answer , Yes.
Turn the A and B env levels both down to 0 then play with the x y mix and listen to what happens.


So with the levels set to zero they sound exactly the same but as I raise the env levels equally they arnt the same. X seems to have more influence than Y.

Yes. You might want to revise your FM theory. With no modulation envelope levels applied, it does not matter where on the x y axis your mix knob sits, since you have told the synth to recieve no modulation envelope. A simple sine wave is all you will hear.
Ratios are just that, a ratio. A relationship to the fundamental, not a numerical value in and of itself.

Having an x y mix that is automatable is actually amazing because it means you can squeeze even more tonal change out of a single patch.


I’m not too confused about that, it’s more to do with algorithm 2. In algorithm 2 you have a modulator and carrier on X and exactly the same on Y but they do not crossover in the algorithm so the results of X and Y should be exactly the same if I have the same env amounts. If I did the same with algorithm 1 I would expect a very basic sound from Y and much more complex from X

Assuming A, C , B1 and B2 are identical. The manual states that they are not.


Found the explanation on page 45. The env level for B modulates both B1 and B2. If I understand it correctly it first raises B1 then lowers it, while it lowers B1 it raises B2 then finally raising B1 again at the end. So on algo 2 you only hear B2 working from about 1/3 into the env level where in algo 1 you hear them both working throughout. Its ingenious! and knowing how it works will help a lot. I’ve probably explained that terribly so to anyone reading this check out page 45, you’ll be glad you did.


Modulating these are a true adventure!

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holy shit, totally didn’t know that, either that or I read it when I first got the DN but then completely forgot about it.

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I had overlooked this behavior as well.