Digtone Recording Issue

So I recently bought a used Digitone in great condition. I’m absolutely in love with it and have been having a ton of fun exploring sound so far. Since this is my first elektron machine and I have heard the learning curve is steep I hadn’t delved into the sequencer until today.

It seems like the person who owned it before me has deleted all the preset patterns (nothing happens on any patterns when you press play and all synth tracks are always the same basic sound across the board). However when I try to record some audio (either non-quantized live recording or step sequencing) I can’t hear any audio playback. I have watched some video tutorials and read the manual but no matter what I do I don’t hear playback of what I am recording.

Is there perhaps some setting I am unaware of that could be left on from the previous owner? I really am not sure what I could be doing wrong- if I am live recording a one page pattern shouldn’t I start to hear some audio playback as soon as the sequence travels once through the page?

The answer might be painfully obvious so thank you for your time.

Try a factory reset.

Hold FUNC whilst powering on. Then follow onscreen info.

Returns the machine to how it was when new.


Check track mutes.


As well as track levels and mutes the Digitone also has pattern level, which can be found on the Master page. This also affects the volume of any incoming audio.

The Digitone isn’t a sampler. So your are not recording audio, but notes to replay. How to you input that notes? On the device itself or via external MIDI?

You should hear audio already before. And as already suggested: check the mutes (global and pattern mutes). If a track is muted you still can manually press keys and hear a sound, but the trigs from the sequencer are muted,

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Thanks so much for the responses! The problem was i didn’t realize there was a mute mode vs a track select mode :scream: had a moment of panic where i thought i has bought a faulty unit.

Thanks again!

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