Direct Jump Bug

I got my Rytm in direct jump mode (green LED). Lets say i got two patterns, each 16 steps long. When switching between these patterns whithin the last quarter, most of the time an extra trig is inserted, bringing the machine out of sync and it stays that way. The Rytm is slaved to an analog four midi clock as master. Can anyone confirm? I might upload an example.

had something like this happen with the A4 too…
HQ is aware of this & on it.

I’ve been having the same issue I think. Posted about it a while back. Direct jump mode will occasionally get confused and continue to play the previously selected pattern even though you have selected a new one. It will eventually play the one you selected. This happens almost randomly. I can’t put my finger on what triggers it. Chain more is not on. Maybe it is like you say, the last quarter.

Have definitely seen something like this on A4 and hadn’t been able to nail down when and how it was happening. Glad to hear HQ is working on it.

I can confirm this. While this happens the pattern indicator in the display is flashing - just like it would do as in sequential mode. Though i cannot reproduce it reliably. That extra step thing happens all the time.

Yup, direct jump is not working for me either. Any idea on when this is planned to be sorted ?

Ok so ive found out that this extra trig thing exists with sequential mode also. And it only occurs at the first pattern change after restarting the sequencer, so you will probably not notice. Same with direct jump mode. And it occurs always. The A4 does not have this issue.

Ok so ive found out that the overmuch trig on change only occurs if the LEN parameter in the scale menu is set to INF. Its doesn’t seem to happen on the A4. The peculiar sequential behavior in direct jump mode as mentioned before is still present. I am on OS 1.02B.

Ahh I was really hoping they would have fixed this in 1.02B. I haven’t had a chance to load it up yet.

any news ? they don’t seem very “on it”.

this bug is making live performance with the AR impossible for me right now.

pattern length set to INF.
Slaved USB from Ableton.

Switching patterns in Direct Jump mode puts the AR out of time ?!?

I also opened a support ticket but still no response.

Same here, open ticket, no answer.

I am so fed up with this bug… it is driving me nuts.
We have been talking about it since the early days of the release and yet nothing has been done.
HQ you must do something about it !

I had the same bug yesterday. (pattern change not working, behaving as sequential change)

It seems to happen mostly when you switch pattern very late in the previous pattern.

This does make direct jump unusable…

These are the problems I’ve found with pattern changing with the Rytm as standalone:

Selecting a new pattern in Direct Jump mode doesn’t always change pattern immediately, and sometimes there is also a glitch where the new pattern is heard momentarily, and then there is a full loop of the 1st pattern before the 2nd pattern starts.

Direct start mode has the same problem, if a new pattern is triggered near the end of a loop then there is another fill loop before the 2nd pattern starts, sometimes a glitched note from the 2nd pattern sounds.

These issues have been reported as bugs.

Sequential mode has a slightly different problem - you must trigger the new pattern at least 150ms before the end of the bar. According to support:

“When changing pattern on the unit using the pattern change key press it needs 2 steps. This is due to be able to be compatible with the MonoMachine and Machinedrum that needed 2 steps prior notice to change pattern even if the AR and A4 can change within a 150ms.”

Basically changing pattern doesn’t currently work reliably even in standalone if you change near the end of a pattern, which isn’t great for live work. Hopefully firmware updates will address this.

i think they are struggling with this, from my understanding the software needs to be very specific with

the timing of things and somethings just have to come further down that list.

with the tempest it works well but other things dont and pym one of the coders at dsi made mention of

these issues he faced when trying to sort bugs out.

like he could fix one bug but it would introduce another bigger bug, so it became a situation of keeping the lesser of 2 evils

its just speculation but i see that they could be facing similar issues

I don’t really buy that…the Rytm is clearly capable of changing pattern near instantaneously, it just doesn’t do it reliably. Being able to change pattern reliably is such a basic function for a drum machine that it should have been priority code from the start. I’ve pretty much given up changing patterns live, it’s just too glitchy. Please fix!

I really hope they can fix this…it seems like a critical feature.

Direct jump bug is still there. I have a support ticket that stated that they would try to fix it in an update. That was 8 months ago.

I would not count on any changes until OB is out, and even then, they’ll have to answer to the thousands of tickets from people who have special configuration needs on the software side.
I am so disheartened to see a hardware company dedicate all their time and money to software, abandoning their hardware, and leaving it in a half - baked state. A drum machine in 2015 that can’t switch patterns on time is really disappointing. It’s a well documented bug, acknowledged by the whole team, but yet, they decide to ignore it, and pour resources into software development ?
This boggles my mind.