Disappearing Samples

A little while ago, I was having problems with samples not appearing in my audio pool, so I reformatted the cf card, recopied everything back onto the formatted card from my pc backup, and now my file structure looks like this:

And that last “AUDIO” folder is the only one I save samples in. It’s the only sample directory I use.

I can’t remember if that is how it was in the first place, but it works generally. Now, i am getting similar problems. I have only ever used the one set (the first one i created when i first turned the octatrack on, “Presets”) and i have some templates, one of which i will open every time i turn the octa on, then “save to new” if i have something work building off of. I have never tried saving samples to their own projects and don’t really care to.

Now, i’m having similar problems. First i noticed that a new folder I dragged over from my pc in Usb Disk Mode wasn’t showing up. After that, sometimes when i saved new samples on the octatrack, they wouldn’t be visible on the octatrack anywhere. I can see them on my pc in Usb Disk Mode, but not on the Octatrack. Now, none of the folders are accessible on the octatrack. Only on the pc. The only accessible samples from the Audio folder are the ones that aren’t in subfolders for some reason. and it seems like any new samples I’ve saved in the last couple of weeks are doing the same thing. I can’t get them on my octa, just on the pc in usb disk mode.

Reading through other threads here, it seems like the best plan would be to get one of the Sandisk Extreme 32 or 64Gig Cf Cards and start over. I want to know, does that seem like the best solution for this problem? And secondly, if i do that, will it be safe to copy everything over with the same folder structure so I still have the samples that I’ve backed up to my computer, and my projects & templates that I’ve backed up as well? Should I restructure it in a different way when i get a new cf card and just move the directories or files around in a certain way? do i have to start from scratch?

I’m using the cf card that came new with my brand new octatrack mkii. I reformatted it after the first time this started to happen but haven’t done anything since then. I’ve taken it out once to read it from my compact flash reader for my pc to see if that helped anything but other than that, i haven’t been taking it out and putting it back in a lot, or at all. I’ve reformatted with the octatrack and the pc but I haven’t done any of that since i noticed this happening again recently.

All those *.log files are error files; probably caused through missing files…

Your structure should look like this:

a) Make sure you haven’t named them anything “clever”… cat here recently did that; and named things in such a way that they weren’t visible.

b) There are limitations (~1,000) on how many files and directories the Octatrack will read.

PS: I’m still using the 4gb CF card I got with my Octatrack the day they were released :confused:


Can you delete those log files then?

Yes; but you should be asking (or understanding rather) why they exist.


I haven’t used any unusual naming conventions

I may have more than 1,000. I wonder if that counts for just samples or all files. Along with .ot files and projects and system files that may add up pretty quickly. I’ll try deleting some in the morning.

I’ve seen your structure diagram before but I don’t see a difference in mine. Do you? Maybe I’m missing something, it is kind of confusing to me. “presets” is the Set folder. And the folders in the second screen shot, alongside “audio” are projects. So I think I have the right structure.

I’m hoping it’s just a file limit issue. I’ll try when I’m at my desk. Thanks for the tips. You don’t think it’s possible that this is a cf card error?

*oh, and yes; those error logs are typically, if not all, “sample read errors”. I’d have to double check to see if they’re any more specific than that, but it’s nothing that helped me diagnose the issue in the past. At least with my limited knowledge

example: 2020-10-03 12:05:59 ERROR Couldn’t load FLEX[15] with ‘TASCAM NOISE 10 [4 Contact].wav’ (‘OUT OF MEMORY’)

and there were over 2,000 files in that audio folder, so i think that was it. thanks again