Disappearing Sounds

im relatively new to the A4, but I think I understand how it all works. My problem is: making a drum track, using sound locks, Im finding the original kick sound seems to fade in and out/dissapear - the soundlocked sounds seem to always play back properly. Ive checked LFO’s long envelopes, delay…everything -the kick is a pretty standard kick.

Any ideas?

Is the kick done using filter resonance? There’s a problem with sounds like that, they don’t seem to play properly if there are other sounds played on the same track between the hits. I think it’s a problem with the circuit design.

this is common complaint when it comes to Kicks and S-Locks.

Most of the time kicks designed with A4 have a prominent Filter Envelope that let the Resonance to make the most out of the patch.

Sound-Locking lead to sudden changes that can bring you in the situation you’re describing.

So I suggest you to do not use s-locks on the same track you have the problematic kick.

Not all kicks behave this way…all depends from the kick-patch and the type of adjacent sound locked

thanks! at least Im not going nuts - ive found this behaviour in other patches.