Discounted Elektron ECC-4 Bag offer

I just found this while browsing, seems like a good offer!


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Seems !

Not UK based clearly (plus using American date format) not highly regarded either

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I’ve ordered from kytary before, and received my order quickly.

I also contacted their customer support a little bit later over some concern about a potential fault in the unit, and they were very helpful.

Looking at my emails and receipts, the business is registered in Prague. Not sure if they’re drop-shipping from a UK location or sending from there.

Obv none of that negates the poor reviews in trust adviser, but afaict they’re a real shop, albeit one with a few issues :confused:

Just to let you know guys , bag arrived within 3 days from Czech I think and it’s amazing !!


Mine arrived today too (ordered Monday) :+1:

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