Discussion of guidelines for posting

lol a make noise video is flagged?! lol

If you read the forum rules you’re not allowed to post links or videos to anything you don’t actually own. Seems silly but that’s what it says…

What about all the posts of Model:Samples demos?

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Well that’s in their interest - it’s an Elektron forum

what? no … have you ever seen

this says it was flagged by the community for being off topic … the module was released today … anyways

I was confused about that as well.

It looks like a cool device, nonetheless

In a NAMM predictions thread?!

Seems like an abuse of potential forum rules, especially since the people facilitating this thread are eager for any potential contenders for NAMM.

Make Noise being a legitimate contender given their past record.

I can’t imagine why anyone would, on genuine intent, flag that post

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Surely posting links to things you don’t own is about permissions and ownership of content? If something is put on YouTube and set to open viewing it becomes shareable content?


That makes more logical sense.

If not, then I guess I’ll have to go find the post where I promoted my album because the link to it includes tracks that contain gear I no longer currently own

I’d be disqualified

Edit: found it

“Sealady” contains the Digitone, and “Alone” contains the MnM which I do not currently possess in my arsenal. For anyone interested

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It’s ok. I own that MnM now and I give full permission to Ryan to post music he made with it :ghost:

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Oh shoot! It’s been so long! Was it you I sold it to?!

edit: this pic is outdated but here’s the twins!
Yup :cowboy_hat_face:

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Damn! You’ve done such great things with it! I’m very proud for having sold it to you!

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I don’t know for sure, but probably because we already have a topic for that Make Noise module and the video was already posted there, so we are moving out of the realm of “NAMM predictions”.

QPAS discussion should go here:


No. The exact text from the FAQ is:
“You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission.”

So it’s OK to post a link to, for example, a SonicState video but not OK to steal a video from Nick Batt and claim it as your own.