Display pattern name when M:C is slave?


I use a Model:Cycle along with other gears and the Octatrack is the heart of my setup. So it’s the master and every other gear is in sync with it.

But when I want to change a pattern on M:C, the number of the patterns blink alternatively between the actual pattern and the one I’ve just selected 'till M/C receive the start signal from Octatrack.

I’d like to be able to see the name of the pattern before pressing play to be sure I’ve selected the good one. Is there a trick for that ?


I’ve found the answer of my question myself : I have to press “stop” on the M:C to make the patterns change immediate so I can see the name.

When I stop the Octatrack, it only pauses the M:C and it acts as if it was playing (and waiting for the time to switch to next pattern). When stop is pressed, pattern change immediately. Nice.

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Double press stop on OT maybe.