Dissonant Techno leads help!

Hey all,

Thought I’d pitch this here and see if anyone could give me a few pointers on my analog four (and subtractive synthesis in general).

Just trying to make some dissonant techno arps/leads, e.g…

Anyone with a general pointer in the direction? I’m hearing some slight LFO on the pitches? Saw wave?

Thanks in advance

Without really trying I’d say crank the hell out of the overdrive on the filter, use primary osc as a saw with maybe a 2nd osc as a pulse and pwm.

What biologik said.

I’d also play around with very fast fixed LFOs on the pitch of the Oscillators, or the Filters… Basically, mess your sound as much as possible :slight_smile:

^^ Those of course!
I would also add an heavy amount of ringing modulated Chorus.

Furthermore…don’t forget to use Unison mode with Detune to taste, for a bigger impact.
If you’re looking for a one voice lead then forget about the above sentence ; )