Dissonant tones vs out of tune

Hey! I’m discovering the A4 makes some awesome dissonant type tones

I’m pretty random with my beat making and sound design. Lately I’ve been just turning the TUNE knobs to random values and 9 times out 10 I’m getting some really great sounds.

This doesn’t seem to happen with other synths. They just go out of tune and sound bad.

Am I just tripping. Too much techno? Or is there something to this?

Having a workflow that easily runs through a tuner is nice just to know what to troubleshoot when you’re having problems.

I almost always use a tuner with my VCO gear if something’s sounding off.

That’s a pretty good idea.

I guess for me though, I’m not really interested in whether something’s in key or not. I’m just surprised I’m getting great sounds out of the A4 no matter how crazy I get with the TUNE knobs. Very strange, but pleasing sounds.

I don’t get this experience with other synths.


Well, you can’t really hear out of tune as well unless you try start to play with melody and harmony but I get your point.

The A4 has tons of interesting mods and even the inclusion of a 5th sub ocs option is really interesting. I’d like to hear some patches you have.

Some people can hear it.

Been playing with X-EDO and various non equal temperaments in Reaktor for the last week and everything sounds out of tune now :dizzy_face:

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Well the tune knob on the A4 is in semi tones so it’s probably more like 10/12 times you’re getting awesome results. If you’re using the fine tune knob that’s a different story.