Distorted Guitar Demo

I wasn’t intending on making a rocking guitar when I started tweaking the machine tonight, but stumbled upon something and then decided to just detour into it for fun…



Also as an aside, instead of releasing patch banks or ‘sound packs’ as they’re called now, I might start up a google docs spread sheet with all of the main parameters (not any of the velocity mods or anything except for a few items like filter keytrack % which can be crucial to the basic tone) and just copy down the numbers for all the parameters. Is this something anyone would be interested in, especially with participation in adding your own sounds? It’s not really worth it to just upload a sysex with one sound, but when I stumble into stuff like this, I do want to share it, but surely there’s a more practical way than a sysex with literally 1 or 2 sounds on it…


Very nice!

I guess I‘d go a bit harder on the EQing or filtering, still sounds a tiny bit too artificially defined (?) in my opinion. Removing some treble would do the trick I guess.

Is the overdrive tonality coming from the FM architecture or from the distortion parameter on the amp page?

Its a single voice and there’s only about 20% overdrive just to get a little warmth, but the rest of the heavy lifting is done by the FM itself.

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I love this idea. Patch recipes. Can you tell us more about how you made this one?

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Not really since I didn’t intend on doing it in the first place. I was looking to make a classic DnB Jump Up bass (sorta like a ‘yaaah’ bass) and on the way there, when playing with the dtune option, the ‘yahh’ turned into a guitar somehow, so I stayed there with the detune and played around with the levels on syn page 2 along with their attacks and such and settled on the sound. I also added some velocity mods so that at lower velocity you get a ‘chug’ sound like a muted distorted guitar power chord but higher velocity is like normal power chord.

Then I made a stupid demo and posted it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The quick and dirty ‘recipe’ you can start with is:

Algorithm 4
C = 1.0
A = 7.0
B = 7.0, 1.0
HARM = 26
DTUN = 108
FBACK = 26
MIX = -64
ALEV = 95
BLEV = 72

From there I think you can figure out some envelope stuff. If I get a little more fancy, I might try to figure out how to use velocity to add ‘harmonics’. But I"m not especially interested in this patch, so have fun figuring that out. I think it’s possible by using one of the B operators at a super high pitch and using some clever envelope and Velocity Mod settings…

Currently, I’m working on some new drum sounds and dnb bass nastiness for jump up (obviously), so if I do the public spread sheet thing, a lot of the first entries from me will be that sort of sound. I feel like I’m in the minority of using this box for trashy breakbeats, but I do think the ambient drones a lot of other folks make have a place in that style and so it would be fun to mix them up. Every thumper needs a chill out portion to the song! :slight_smile: