Distortion software options for industrial production?

Would someone recommend a distortion plugin for my Ableton projects?


Maybe check out the free Ruina by Noise Engineering (I don’t produce in the box or industrial, hence the “maybe”:slight_smile:

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Trash2 from izotope is still amazing, very deep options. I love Ruina by Noise Engineering, the modulation is fantastic. Lately I’ve been toying with Dent 2 from Unfiltered Audio, fun and a different flavor than the others.

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What’s your favorite use of it?

Fabfilter Saturn 2 is my go to distortion plug-in.

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Rift 2 by Minimal Audio, no question about it.

Arturia Dist Coldfire

How do these compare to analog distortion?

no nonesense distortion, just many algorythms with oversampling, mono+stereo

This was my preferred VST, it was heavy, it was dirty and it was fat; perfect for industrial but I think it’s quite obsolete at least for Mac :frowning::
Not compatible with OSX 10.16 and later.

I will say Rift or Coldfire too.

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+1 for chipcrusher
Also, as a multi-effect with plenty of distortion options, Sonic Charge’s Permut8 is great, too. Quite complex though.

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…ohmicide…THE industrial distortion nine inch nails all over the place multiband dynamic spectral pump squeeze destruction destroyer plugin…never seen that much sonic colours from gentle shiny to absolute demolition in one thing, but on four individually treatable bandranges that can overlap or totally split…
super complex and super easy, all at once…
and various presets can be adressed and played across defined keyboard settings…
distortion in all it’s possible ways, from classic to future, from ice cold to subtle warm, all playable like an instrument in realtime…


Rob Papen Distortion is pretty good too.

I like destroying drums and resampling them.

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Forgot about this old classic. Guess its never getting an update

…yup, it’s old but not outdated…runs still fine via rosetta…

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Izotope trash 2 is pretty much the golden standard of destroying shit. Whilst I haven’t tried the Arturia DIST coldfire, it’s clearly on par or potentially better , great interface on it. Trash 2 could use a it of a make over really. Although, they’ve added trash to their new neutron 4 and whilst it’s not as deep as a distortion, it’s the same thing ad honestly that plugin alone is really something special.

A demo to try and be convinced.
One of the best things to find in the Netherlands… :upside_down_face: