DIY challenge - broken PCB (Roland SRV2000)

I am in a spamming mood today I guess and decided to share result of my work on assembling physically broken volume PCB for SRV2000. I got the unit from a bin (literally). It powers up and passes through dry signal. So there is a lot work to do. Honestly speaking I doubt if I will ever make it as there are issues with power rails and power supply to VFD display (requires rare LC15 DC-DC transformer). By the way, there is a guy on ebay from US who reverse engineered them (link) but they cost 60 quid and at this stage I am not risking getting it as there are many other issues to resolve.

Anyway, one of the most obvious things to fix was cracked/broken PCB. With right skills and tools (which I do not have) it is easily doable. Simply recreate PCB. I do not have means of doing this at home so I have decided to work around it. Fortunately pieces were “gluable” so I have used epoxy based adhesive to assembly the pieces together. After doing so the remaining challenge was to make it work electrically. I have used tiny wires to “patch” the traces. After exposing the copper (brushing with Dremel) I have soldered the wires to the traces and sealed them. I does not look pretty I have to admit but it works.

Hopefully this post help some facing similar issue.

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