Diy digitakt controller!

hi guys, I m making a diy digitakt controller with an Arduino
for the moment the code permit you to control delay and reverb send on 8 audio track, a shift button allow you to control midi tracks volume, an other button with the potentiometer to filters frequencies, the code is made from the tapa library,
midicontroleurdiy|690x386 midi_controler_howdoudub.ino (6.0 KB)
that’s the code 1.0 you can use it, modify it and share what you did with it!
with friends we are on the way to make schematics, and why not PCBs but I didn’t had any electronic knowledge before making it so it ll be long!
hope you ll enjoy it!


thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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you re welcome! it doesn’t have as many option as a mx12 but at least you can make it as you want!!

here is the facebook group we opened to share about this project, but in French,

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The project is on a good way!