DIY Protective Cover for AR (AF also)

Hey ho my friends,
I would like to show u my project of a cover which It was made for my own Analog Rytm (It fits analog four also). I am using it as a dust cover for the desk, as a protection in transport (it needs a rubber or smth else to stick with the box) and my cat is able to sleep on it!

How it’s made? The longer sides are curved, the shorter sides are lil bit hided and glued to the top. There’s 1mm gap between the longer ones and the elektron case, to be more flexible and to not leave scratches.

I hope that u like it,
If u would have any questions, propositions, just send me pm.



But it’s too late for me, i recently buy two cover four my AR and A4, and it is very expensive!!!

Tempted to buy a 3D printer. I’m sure I could pay for it just by making these. Ridiculously expensive. Strange world. Supply & demand.

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