DIY Template for Two-tier stand for MK1 and DT,DN,AH

Hey fellow box-lovers,

I would like to share my stand for two boxes with you.

Made of 12mm wood, acrylic glass or MDF so sturdy as hell. One could also cut it from steel, but. Heavy metal :metal:

As a bonus, one can add lighting for the upper and lower device via a LED strip.

The devices are NOT attached to the stand via screws, so it is ideal if you do not want a permanent fixture but be able to remove it for a little jam on the balkony or else.
They each sit in their shelv, the lower at 15°, the upper at 60° for easy access and good finger drumming.

The width can easily be adjusted to AH or DT DN measure by shortening the connecting pieces.

AND as another bonus: the devices are upped 2mm so the PL2 sits and fits.

Pls upload a pic if you have build it. Woild love to see your results.

If you have ideas to improve: let them come!


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without gear

with gear

elektron (88.9 KB)


can you show us an image of the stand?

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wow very nice construction would prefer wood instead of metall :wink:

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Yeah, 12mm steel would be 20kg for the stand :wink: so whatever drives your boat.

Nice stand!

Has anyone build it for dt,dn,ah and would like to share the measurements used?

I doubt whether it is wise to take the exact measurements of the DT. I am afraid it will be difficult to remove the DT? Anyone have experience with that?

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Add 1mm to the eaxct measurment and you are fine.