DIY wooden stand for 4 DIGI boxes


I am working on a DIY wooden stand that can hold four DIGI boxes at a 45 degree angle.

At this point I only have plans but hopefully I can complete it in the upcoming weeks at the local maker space.

It should be 875mm wide once it is built and I am planning on leaving a 5mm gap between the boxes so that my Decksavers would fit.

The whole thing can be built using 15 x 33mm (easy to find it locally here) wooden planks, except the lip on the bottom, but I think I will change that.

If there is interest, I can tidy up the OpenSCAD design and release it here. It would allow setting the tilt angle and the number of boxes at minimum but I think I can make it so that it would print out the different pieces needed and the recommended amount of wood, all based on what is configured.

Here are some not so detailed 3D renders:

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You might want to consider drilling holes in bars across the back to make use of the VESA mounts - that would keep them spaced and in place. 2 holes would do the trick

That would defeat the purpose of the stand in my specific scenario.

I noticed that sometimes I avoid playing on my digi boxes because they are in fact mouted to a stand right now with the screws and I can’t just easily take one with me.

This stand would allow me to just unplug some cables and take one box to work/sofa/extended family.

OK, just an idea.

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I like it.

I made exactly this but for 3 boxes and had side walls. Makes for a snugger fit. I used the rear cavity for a multi socket power adapter and cable housing for all the elektron power blocks… so I just have one cable for power coming from the stand.
Also attached a usb power and 9v pedal power block to the sides (also connected the multi socket power adapter so I can use various guest machines infront of the elektrons.

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Sounds very nice!

I would love to see some pictures of the finished/in-progress piece!

45 is a lot. Are you sure you want it that steep?
Here’s my set up with stands at 22°.
Keystep and TR8-S are dead flat on the desk.


I have a Digitone Keys where you have your Keystep so my Digis sit a bit higher. Maybe that is why I have them at 45 degress?

I am trying to convert my current solution made of a wooden riser and four Varidock tilt stands to something that doesn’t require the stand to be screwed onto the Digis.

I want to be able to just take one Digi box and put it in a backpack or use it on the sofa. I found that the Varidock stands are not ideal for that because they add bulk and if I change the tilt then it’s finicky to adjust it back to the same angle as the other Digi boxes.

I will re-purpose them for some other boxes/pedals that have a more permanent place on my table.

I think I will make my stand’s tilt adjustable somehow. I can use small door hinges on one side and something with a variable length on the other.

I decided to change my plan because I deemed it to be too complicated to make with simple tools.

Here is a draft from my new plan:

There are no more angled cuts.

The spacers between the boxes are just sandwiched together between wooden pieces, so they should be easier to cut.

The tilt will be implemented via butt hinges. What is missing from this design is the base plate/base frame and a mechanism to set the tilt angle.

I am trying to figure out something with a threaded bolt and a nut. I want something where the tilt can be adjusted in small increments to make everything level.