"DJ" Set with 2x Octatracks etc. (152 BPM Techno with my own productions)

Hi everyone,

I’ve done a liveset with the stems from my own productions in a dj style fashion with two Octatrack, a Xone 62 DJ Mixer and an Elektron Analog Heat for glue and distortion. I controlled the volumes and filter from the OTs with a Faderfox MX12.

For me it’s like a dream comes true, because I ever wanted to combine dj style techniques with my own stems and the Octatrack. But the preperation in the OTs is really comprehensive and took me month to know, how I can organise alle the stuff.

I will do a video version in the future, but for now it’s audio only on soundcloud. I would love to hear some feedback about mixing skills, production quality, set arrangement and vibe :slight_smile:

Btw: The last industrial sounding track was a short improvisation with the model:cylces only :slight_smile:

Best, Kai


This is great. You are livin the dream. 2 OT’s and a DJ mixer. Love it!

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Haha, absolutly! I will do this performance one more time and capture it on video!

What’s your workflow for using stems on the OT? Love to know more about the preparation and process.

I’am producing Tracks, where I can export 8x tracks/stems (Kick, Hihat, Clap, Bass, Lead, Pad etc.) and cut it to a length of 16 Bars. Those 8x files goes into the OT and create a whole loop of the main part of the song. The 16 Bars are divided into 4x Pattern and chained together.

Then I create scenes for manipulating the sound and play it live. The whole song arrangement thing is doing by playing scenes und muting stuff.

Each Bank works with the stems of one song, so I have 16 songs on one project. I could do more with parts, but for now there are 16 songs.

I’am working with two OTs and a dj mixer. There is no sync because I like it more the oldschool way with a little bit of drift and manual correction :wink:

I hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:



I noted Traktor is setup for 4 stems , maybe it’s worth a simpler setup to free up fx track / vocal snippets etc ?

Traktor doesnt work for me because it needs a PC and it sounds to good/clean for this kind of techno. It was my first try but I didn’t feel anything during a mix session. The stems of my production were there, yes, but filters, fx and summing were to predictable to my ears. I like the sound of the OT effects in combination with the smooth and dirt from the Analog Heat and Xone 62 EQs & filter.


Love the idea with OT and mixer.
Also the track around 18min is a banger!

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I didn’t mean to use Traktor , just that for DJing native Instruments went with 4 layers for stems so it may be flexible enough for you to use only 4. Obviously 8allow a lot more flexibility for mixing / adding fx.

If you went with 4 you’d have 4 octatrack channels left for other things .
It’s obviously a personal choice and what you’ve got working sounds good.

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Uhhh that‘s Kai!
Nice track, really good sounds :slight_smile:
Love the beat :heart:

Ah Video would be great for reference since I got all your courses related to Elektron :+1::+1::+1:

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Ahh my bad :sweat_smile:

4 Stems aren’t working for me because I need 4x Tracks für Drums (Kick, Snare, HH, Percussion) but sometimes it get’s confusing with 16 tracks in total :smiley:

Best Kai

Thank you :smiley:

Video is coming … I hope I find the time next week :innocent:

Best, Kai

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Do you really need two Octatrack’s for this? Can you not just use a single one and split the outs?

You sound like my girlfriend… :yum:

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I may do, but I may also sound like someone who loves optimizing its setup as much as possible :wink:

In any case, any reason not to use a single octatrack to perform two tracks and mix them with an external mixer using different outs? Any super advantages about using two?

I’ve said that already but I love optimising a lot and thinking and planning lots. I also remember every time the famous sentence “less is more” when studying new setups.

Of course… everything is possible with the Octatrack. Needs some preparation (a lot more than with 2 OTs I’d say).

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With two OTs I can mix different tracks and with one OT I couldn’t load differents tracks :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’am becoming very good feedback for my Octatrack “DJ” Set so I decided to produce some Stems to full Tracks, which you can listen here:

There is also another track which aren’t mixed in the “DJ” Set but were as Stems at the OT and now produced to a full track: Stream Kai Chonishvili - Madness by Kai Chonishvili | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Maybe someone has some time and have a listen :slight_smile: Its 152 BPM Techno and I would like to send this to a label for releasing but I can’t find any label with this kind of style. So now it’s public on my SC page :slight_smile:

Best wishes for 2023, Kai

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