DJTT Chroma Caps on OT MK2?

Hi Oktanauts

Does someone know if the encoder pods and the fader cap of the OT MK2 have the same shapes as the MK1 and are compatible with the Chroma Caps? I saw some posts with Chroma Caps on a OT MK1 and think about replacing the caps on my MK2. Don’t get me wrong, the caps of the MK2 are not bad, but i like the Chroma Caps and would also like to add some color to the OT. Does replacing the caps affect the warranty? Are the MK2 Caps as easy to replace/take off like on the MK1?

I’d expect the encoder shafts are 100% the same profile (D) - no doubt

I wouldn’t think it could affect your warranty, but I couldn’t say that’s official - keep in mind - replacement caps was a one-time official purchase direct from Elektron - just be careful when doing it to avoid twisting/bending or undue force etc and maybe check with support about warranty


I will contact the support, you’re right, they should be able to tell me if replacing the caps affects the warranty and about the right method on how to replace the caps. I’m a bit uneasy, i don’t want to damage the OT. I was a bit uneasy, but the caps are easy to remove.

Now i see, they have the “D” shape and the DJTT Caps fit, but the recess is not over the entire length of the pod. On the DJTT caps, the inner “D” shape goes to the edge of the cap, so the cap “hovers” and can not be completely plugged. I have only the caps from my Twister, which are V1.

Does someone use the DJTT Chroma Caps V2 and can tell me if the inner “D” shape also goes to the edge or if there is some distance? As you may noticed, english is not my main language, i hope you understand what i mean.



I’ve noticed this when flipping covers between brands - some float, some scrape, some need encoder trimming etc - can’t beat the Elektron ones IMHO for feel - it’s a taste thing of course

those new Elektron encoders are seriously robust looking - old ones were plastic - good great image/html share :thup:

Yes, the default OT caps are nice, but the Chroma caps are a bit nicer. A matter of taste, of course. :slight_smile:

I ordered some “Thin Encoder” and a “Superknob”, looks like they have the decreased “D” shape. I can update the post when the caps are delivered, maybe someone plays with the same thoughts and would like to know if/how they fit and look.

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I do like the chroma caps as well. The squidgy feeling is great on a mixer.
I believe that they sit a little high on elektron gear. There was a thread ages ago and someone had exchanged all the Elektron ones for red djtt ones. It had a jpg which would give you an idea of what it’ll look like.

Here we go

Yeah, i saw the thread. That are the same caps like on the Midi Twister, they indeed sit higher. I have some hope that the “Thin Encoder” and “Superknob” caps sit a bit lower. I will see and let you know.

Yeah please do mate. I’m thinking of switching out the a4 ones to some kind if colour code, so if be interested to hear how you get on.

I’ll do. :thup:

I thought about getting some too, but tried with my V2s and didn’t like any of the results. The middle one sat snug, the others weren’t loose, but also weren’t snug. None of them sat as low either.


Thank you for the photos @ObscureMachines Looks like the “Superknob” fits best, but the marker doesn’t really make sense on a endless encoder. At least the thin encoder caps fit a bit better than the shorter thick ones. I’ll see, maybe it’s possible to file the inner of the caps a bit to make them fit.

What about coolorcaps? They might sit lower?

I too often change caps if I feel like the originals are lacking, but for me the elektron caps are great as they are.

Would be a option, but i haven’t found any dealer in Germany/EU yet. I also don’t know if they are different inside or the same like the Chroma caps, maybe someone knows and can tell us. If someone can proof that they fit, i would order some from Coolercaps directly.

I’ve got the Coolorcaps on two MK1 machines, they fit fine but have almost the opposite problem to the Chromacaps. I tried them as I had them around from an old mixer and have left them on, but I’m considering swapping back. The problem is they will slightly graze the surface of the machine when you use the press encoder function. It’s not much, but you will have to pull them up a bit from time to time so it’s not ideal.


Thank you for letting me know. I’ll see how the Chroma Caps fit and will order some Coolercaps if i’m disappointed.

No problem, you could put a small something inside the Coolorcaps to raise them, I was thinking of this but haven’t tried it yet. Coolorcaps were really good to deal with by the way and if you go direct from their website it was much cheaper than buying it in your own country, really fair postage.

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As already mentoined by @ObscureMachines, they don’t sit as low as i would like them to be, but it is ok for me.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.


So how would you describe the fit and feel? Does it feel solid or wobbly or firm and easy to use with the push encoder as well? Interested in buying!

I personally like the sturdy feel of the Chroma Caps, but it bugs me that they “hover” and don’t sit as flush as the original caps. Because of that, they feel very tall to me. They sit stiff and don’t wobble, but they simply don’t feel right to me. I currently use these: They are also not perfect, but i like the fit, shape and size. The only downside is that they feel a bit cheap compared to the Chroma and the original caps. They have no rubber overlay and are a bit lighter, maybe that’s why they don’t feel as sturdy. Nevertheless, i like the handling and size better than with the original caps.

At the end it’s personal taste. In short for me:

Chroma Caps


  • build quality
  • a lot of colors available
  • look
  • rubbery
  • size


  • do not fit flush to the unit
  • feel “tall” because of that

Modologic Caps


  • size
  • fit
  • look


  • feel a bit cheap/plasticy

Edit: The Chroma Cap “Superknob”, the black one which is used for the headphone level (see picture in previous post) fits perfectly, but they will look funny if used for the endless encoders, IMO.