DN crashing randomly, OTmk2 as well

So my DN is having random crashes followed by looking as if its completely bricked (power switching does nothing), but if I leave it for 5-10 min, it seems to start up again ok.

I seem to remember having this issue before and attributing it to the arp bug that is already recognised. But now the issue is happening with no pattern, seemingly random.

My Octatrack mk2 is doing the same thing and I’m not using either at extreme settings, but the one thing I’m seeing is that they both start up weird. I turn the power on and I get a bunch of buttons light up BEFORE the startup sequence on the screen. I’m probably just clutching at straws but I don’t see the same thing on other Elektrons (OTmk1, DT, MS), they start up cleanly with the onscreen splash sequence before the buttons light up.

Can anyone else confirm if this is normal? I made a super short vid of DN starting up…


Could be an actual power problem. Like the power coming out of the wall. Very suspicious that this is happening to both devices.


i concur- first thing id be trying is a different power source, different room etc

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It’s normal.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I don’t think its a power issue as I have been running various different devices from the same power bank with no issue, virtually every day. I’m not going to rule it out though but I really cant test with different plugs, waiting on the off chance that it ‘might’ crash (its not crashing regularly). Its definitely odd that both devices crash in the same way though (complete lock up and a high pitched digital whine).

Just for comparison, not sure which of your devices was flashing lights up before the screen but, when I start the DN I get bunch of buttons (trig to LFO + a few others) flash on briefly before the screen lights up. I don’t get this on the DT.

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Ah thanks, I guess that rules out wonky firmware :+1:

I’ll wait and see what support say, hopefully they will know more. Sad to say I think I’ve got yet another duff unit (in the last 18 months, Ive had 4 different Elektrons, all with issues).