DN/DT Pattern changes suddenly a bar late?

I’ve been reading many of the posts that I could find about this, but I’m not quite sure if I’m still understanding why, all of the sudden, my DT is changing patterns 1 bar later than my DN.

I have my DN and DT all hooked up with program changes being sent on channel 15 from the DN to the DT. My master length for both machines is 256, and my CH Change Steps for both is 16 (1 bar). The track scales are anywhere between 1/4x and 2x depending on the specific instrument. The DT is, as of today, changing 1 bar late, still, even though it was working find last night (at least I thought it was, I never noticed it over the past few weeks as being incorrect). If I stop and restart the song, it changes patterns on the first go around fine, but after that, it’s always late.

Is this still an issue with these things? I feel like I’m missing something.

You’re not missing anything.

It sounds like “the Elektron pattern changing bug” that seems to happen across AR, A4, OT, DT and DN. Roughly speaking it’s triggered by having any “advanced” scale settings (but it’s like 95% like that. I’ve seen it happen occasionally with AR+OT when neither uses track-specific scales).

Elektron are looking into it. They’ve known for a while. Recent responses have suggested they didn’t feel they had a consistent testing strategy before, but that they do now.

But also… I’m inclined to be generous to Elektron. If you have a pattern with a mixture of fractional and multiple step scales, and a Master Length and Change Length set differently, which one actually is the Change length? If CHNG is set to 16 steps, is that 1/4x, 1x, 2x? It’s probably different for different tracks. Some 2x tracks will be “well, I don’t mind if this gets cut off” whilst others will be “this is the melody/bassline, it must complete before the pattern changes or the song will suck”.



In regards to the “rules”, it’d make sense that the change length is based on 1x at the pattern tempo since that’s the default setting. It would seem silly to make it any other way, IMO.