DN + DT sync - Program Change only works when stopped


I’m trying for the first time to sync the program changes from the Digitone to the Digitakt and I think I have everything setup correctly in the Midi settings, but I’m having a weird issue: the pattern changes work fine (in sync between both machines) if the sequencer is stopped, but when it’s running it doesn’t change!

Anyone else had this issue?

The program change message only gets sent to the following machine after the leading amchine reaches the end of its ‘master pattern length’. Be sure its not set to ‘infinite’ or some other long value.


That’s probably it, I do have it set to infinite. I’ll test later tonight, thanks!

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That was it, thank you very much!


No problem!

Nice, thanks! I was toying around with MIDI program changes the other night and kept wondering why it wasn’t working.

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