DN sending chorus width and X&Y parameter changes to DT

Hey there, I use my Digitone as master for Digitakt by sending MIDI out to DT MIDI in. Recently, DN started sending parameter changes to DT delay feedback when I change Chorus width on DN or DT track 1 volume when I change balance of X&Y in SYN1 on DN. How can I deactivate this dangerous behaviour?

DN is set to send clock and transport in MIDI settings of the project. Thanks a lot!

Audio track control change messages can be sent and received at either end. You just need to toggle off one or the other to break that connection. Or you could aim to ensure that the 4 + 8 tracks all use different Midi channels, but that is not as convenient.


Thanks, I will deactive CC send and receive on DN and DT then. I am only using DN to stop/start DT and setting its tempo, this would still work perfectly, right?

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Yes - transport and cc (and notes) are filtered separately - a break in CC/NRPN transmission is all you really need to do