Do I need a compressor / limiter?

I’ve ordered a Digitone, and plan to use the Digitone + Model:Cycles (with the MC outputting audio into the DT). The DT will output audio into my audio interface, into my DAW. I don’t plan on performing live, I just want to record sounds from the boxes.

Do I need a stereo compressor / limiter (like the EHX Platform)? I was recording samples from the MC into my DAW last night, and the recordings had pretty low volume, but maybe this just means I need to add gain inside the DAW.

Yeah, the OB recordings have a lot of headroom available so they are fairly low. Having said that when recording stereo mixes out of the DN with lots of distortion, I’m pushing signals very near to 0dB so I’m happy it doesn’t digitally clip when recording into my DAW. Not sure what DAW you’re using but in Ableton Live, for example, I just use stock plugins like Utility or Compressor to boost the signals. I don’t notice any problems with noise by doing this, so the recordings are super clean. No need to add a hardware compressor/limiter if you aren’t planning on doing stuff live in a club or whatever.


Thank you, that’s good info! Glad to know there wasn’t anything unusual when my recordings had crap tons of headroom.

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