Do i need to save a kit at each pattern

to have it linked, so i know what machines is always present ant each pattern?

is this the same on a4?

you don’t necessarily need to, as a pattern is automatically linked to the kit you load.

you can have several patterns reference the same kit. of course, there are 128 pattern slots and 128 kit slots on the mnm, so you can have a pattern per kit if you choose.

thanks, but which pattern?

when i make and save a new snapshot, and then save som kitsin that snapshot, do i need to save the snapshot again after saving the kits, so the kits are still there when reloading the snapshot?

The kit that is currently loaded is assigned to new patterns. So, If you build a kit while on pattern A1 and save that kit as ‘S-N kit 1’ when you switch to pattern A2 ‘S-N Kit 1’ will still be the active kit and therefore assigned to pattern A2. If you make major changes to ‘S-N Kit 1’ while you are on pattern A2, you will need to save it as a new kit or the original kit will be lost.

So the answer is yes, you need to save any changes you make as a new kit, The Monomachine will not automatically create a new kit when you move to a new pattern, the kit and patterns are not tied together in that way.

Saving is even more important with snap shots. You have to save the current snap shot before you move to another one or everything that you made in that snap shot since the last time that you saved it will be lost. I just make it a rule to save every time I enter that menu, and make copies of important snap shoots at the bottom of the list, just is case I over write something by mistake.

Regarding snapshots:

There are different modes for ‘moving’ from one snapshot to another. I can recommend configuring the MNM to CHANGE MODE, as it then autmoatically saves a snapshot in its current state when changing to another. If by contrast you always “load” a new snapshot, you always have to remember to save before loading.
So change mode protects from loosing work. I don’t remember where you configure this though