Do the MnM's MIDI sequencer LFO assignments to "Note Length" and "Note Velocity" just not work?

I set up a simple sequence on my MnM’s sequencer to control my Korg R3. Note sequencing, MIDI clock, arp and p-locked MIDI CCs work totally fine.

The issue I’m having is when I assign one of the LFOs to MIDI Note Length (‘LEN’ is the assignment value, I believe). It just doesn’t do anything. I can directly edit the parameter in the Sequencer settings, and that works, and, of course, I can P-lock as well. But putting the LFO on the MIDI Note Length just has no effect, no matter what the Depth of the LFO is set to.

I also tried it with Note Velocity with the same result: the LFO doesn’t seem to do anything, no matter what the depth was. Assigning the same LFO to something like MIDI CC 1 works correctly.

I know that the MD had its MIDI sequencer LFO assignemnts nerfed at one point ( Did the same thing happen to the MnM?

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