Do you make music that you enjoy listening to or do you make music that you enjoy making?

Sometimes they are one and the same, other times I find myself making a genre of music I don’t really listen to just because it is so fun to make it.


I make music no one wants to hear including myself.


Neither. :rofl:

Seriously though, the making of music is more important to me than listening to it.

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Lol this does happen sometimes!

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Do you make music that you enjoy listening to or do you make music that you enjoy making?

Yes, but creating it gets exhausting from the mental exertion that goes into producing. So from that standpoint, I would say listening to it is way more fun.

But I am only a year in, so there is still novelty to the experience.

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I listen back to my own stuff (not that much but occasionally) and I enjoy making it otherwise I wouldn’t bother. I no longer really care if anyone else likes/listens to it. I don’t show my friends anything I do. Just you lot.

Also, thanks for the opportunity to repost a meme:


I like my music. I’ll throw my own beats into a mix to listen to while I’m working or reading or something. It’s cool stuff.


It’s the same, even with the art I make. The reaction always has some disappointment attached to it because of some undefined expectations.

Meanwhile, they don’t make sh!t. And wouldn’t know where to start.


Oldie but so goodie!
And the stuff you make is really nice :slight_smile: Had a great listen to the EP last night.

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That is an inclusive disjunction for me! After years of playing punk (which was super fun to play but not to listen to), I now make music that I enjoy listening to and it is music that I enjoy making. Both on my own and as part of a band. Gotta have the right bandmates though. Anyway, the next step (as always) is to get more people to enjoy listening to it…

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I do both. I like the music I make, and I make music that I enjoy making. At least, at the time that I make it. After a couple of years I usually find that some of my older music is retroactively embarrassing, simply because of how much I’m still growing as an artist. I think I’ve reached a point where that will stop happening, thankfully. But I‘ve thought this before.


I think with creative processes instead of upward growth, it turns into parallel shifts in intentions.

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Sometimes one, sometimes the other.

Sometimes both, sometimes neither.


If I don’t like it I don’t finish it, or change it until I like it. The best bit is when you forget a tune and 6 months later have a few many beers and listen back to it and think you’re a genius!

I usually will have a couple of friends who like what I do, but as for the rest of the world? I’ll probably never know.


Music like our bodies often gets phat as we age.


We’re all pulse waves in modulation

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I listen to everything, except my own loops.

No, I enjoy my music. Not everyone does though.

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If I didn’t like my own music, I would never get to the finish line with mixing them. I don’t like all the music I made 25 years ago though. :see_no_evil:

I like my music. Sometimes I dont enjoy making it and when I realize this I stop making it for a while and wait for the urge to strike me again. I really just keep doing it for @Ryan s sake. Number one fan, there…
I listen to my music all the time. I like it a lot.

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Starting off as a guitarist it seems that the most common genres people make are 12 bar blues noodling, pedalboard ambient and stoner rock (Seriously like 50% of band wanted adds), but I don’t think anyone seriously listens to these genres.

For electronic it seems to be: Ambient and Modular bloops

I try and only make stuff I like. I’ve made a few things on here to respond to briefs and the net effect has been that I’ve started liking that genre more. For example my whole family are now much more into Drum and Bass.

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