Do you really like the Machinedrum Sampling Capabilities?


After having not used her for half a year - I fell in love again an was wondering if buying an UW or UW+ might be a clever (but expensive move).

I like the idea (at least theoretically) to have all the functions in ONE BOX.
(I also own a DN and OT - which might be easier and more straight forward in terms of sampling):

and sample transfer on non-heritage computers:

Also no options to edit your sample and so on.

My question: Do you like the workflow - and do you use the sampling feature frequently on your device?



No, I like samplers a lot and there is nothing that bugs me more than half-assed samplers, so I did not get on with the UW at all. The OT is what the UW hinted at and more. The MD is great too.

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…the sample option in the md was really just an add on that came as a “natural” expansion, a next new version of the md…today sure, u can pick both versions, but back then, the one with the sample option just replaced the former version without…

and that was a big deal back then…but form todays perspective, ur always better served with a truu sampling device on it’s own…there’s a little advantage in melting synthesis and sampling into one same sonic event, but nah, not really…it’s way easier and effective to operate such things with individual devices, end of the day…and way cheaper and powerful to realize and go beyond all soundsnippet handling with a dedicated sampling device anyways…

so use ur md with it’s unique drum synthesis options for what it is “plain and simple” and appriciate/enjoy ur ot running along with it…

From what I recall, the main issue is memory and file management. The workflow is really nice, though.
But file transfers via midi, all this stuff….
Still, I loved it as a live looper. As long as you don’t need to save samples.

I’m pretty sure the MD was available with and without the UW option until it was discontinued. it was like a $4-500 difference in price, but I think they kept them both available. you could definitely send a non-UW one in for an upgrade for a while too.


I guess those days are over. I ordered a replacement board (sticky buttons, f**ked up encoders), but only had the option to purchase non-UW.

Probably, to preserve the spare part stocks - and not to boost replacement & subsequent selling on eBay for > 2k! (I completely understand).

MKII UW ~ 2000€ and MKII UW+ ~ 2500€ - that‘s a lot of money!

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The sampling part is a creative challenge, and also might lead to some sonic exploration.

But it’s also rather limited and not very productive.

I like it :slight_smile:

…but I also like the Digitakt.


it’s the best sampler ever created. ever. except maybe the sk1


Man, this post takes me back to when I was googling info to soothe my hunger for my first immenent Machinedrum

People were saying, get it for the sampler because the drum synthesis is crap.

Now, it seems the consensus is, get it without the sampler because the drum synthesis is the main appeal.

(I don’t know what people had against the synthesis, it was awesome)

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If your into glitches, resampling (internal and/ external sources), feedback loops, off grid timing, or Lo-fi aspects, the UW is ideal. So much extra to explore and experiment with if you have an MDuw. If you already have an Octatrack then it covers most aspects but the MD had its own charms though, especially in regards to the rougher 12bit engine and character of the filters/fx. For the price of entry, an Octatrack or Digitakt makes more financial sense these days no doubt.


I really like the sound, it’s just the right amount of lofi. Sample management is quite clumsy yes but sound quality is very nice. This reminds me I was planning to see if I could sample like [source]->[MD input]->[MD RAM recorder cue2]->[OT] to get the character I love and have the sample end up in OT in one convenient pass.

It always came in 2 versions. You could even upgrade the MK1 non-UW version with a user add in PCB board to make it UW for about £400 - I was too cheap buy it at the time

+drive really helps out if you want a good sampling experience; you dont need to worry about filling up the memory as much. even without it though i think you’ll be fine, the magic is in the limitations :wink:

My first MD was UW and my current MD is not. It was def a cool feature but I dont think I really miss it. The octatrack is a much more fleshed out version of the MDs Rom sampling idea. That said, ny current MD does not have a Plus Drive, and that is far more useful than UW IMHO.

I used to sample my DFAM live, for that purpose it was great. Also I like using a 909 hat & ride, and I really like that I can use my drum machine to include a sampled drum sound (that I transfered into, not sampled directly into the machinedrum) to my taste even if it is literally only two samples. I just got an octatrack to satisfy my need for long samples (track length) for atmospheres and textures but if it wasn‘t for that, I was still pretty happy before my octatrack came.

I loved it.

Thinking of trading my mnm for a md again

it’s the best.
no it’s not a full featured modern sampler. but it sounds so good. and as part of the MD package, I would never want to be without it.
for more detailed sample work, use something else.

When i use the sampling part of MD it’s always like an enhancer of the MD sounds.
I put variable amount of records and player trigs, sometimes on several tracks, and send internal mix in it.
Then tweak to obtain a lowfi digital drum and sampling sound.
Rarely use MD as a sampler, with external sounds or samples.
MD sampler, in my practice, is more similar to a fx track than a sampler.


Thanks for all your replies!

I was wondering: The 2.5mb is per ROM slot? or for all four ROM machines together?
(Since most of my samples are stereo and >= 16 bit, I would have to convert them anyway).

But 2.5mb does not sound much these days :rofl: - 2.5 mb == 2500€!!!

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so with the UW+, thats 2.5 mb per snapshot, the rom and ram use different memory (ram is lost when powered down, rom is saved forever). this means that all the samples in the rom must not exceed 2.5 mb for each snapshot

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