Do you think this would work for a Digitakt Stand?

What to you think? Would this work?

Not well, as its not as thin as a phone/tablet

Yes but my fav is this basic ikea tablet stand

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I love that, but unfortunately, no IKEA in south america :frowning:

that link was amazon, can you get something shipped from them? I also saw similar ones on ebay

i can but look at this: Price: $7.59 + $40.32 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Peru.

hahah it’s just nonsense. IDK how but the Chinese manage to send stuff for a dolar.

I have a similar stand and it is too light weight to hold Digitakt.


the ikea isberget is awesome and they’re on Amazon
but I will say that when you push hard, say on an encoder to do a coarse sweep/knob turn, they have a bit of “give” to them. Still… excellent stands for the very very low price :ok_hand:

Recently bought this for 17€ -

It’s sturdy and worth the money IMO. In other words, it’s metal and easily holds the DT for performance purposes, although I have gone for having the MIDImix on top and the DT below when at home.


(sorry, don’t know why it’s horizontal)

I have that very same one that I had got my iPad - although it’s not ideal, it can hold the Digitakt on an angle.
I wouldn’t count on it for hard encoder presses maybe… In not at home but I can take a picture later

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Damn! How hard are you pressing?

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Mate that works perfectly fine, as I have one.
I have two of them for the analog 4 mk1, one for the 0 Coast, and two for the moog mother 32.

hehe what I meant is that if you use it too laid back, it might not hold the weight as well so it might recede a bit… I think it happened once. although I just tried it with the height of the pictures (see my previous post) and it seems to hold up just fine… maybe that was with analog heat though, wich is heavier (I think?)

I see now that you were referring to the OP’s stand, not mine.

Looks good!

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Works! It is true that if you press in the corners it moves but i’m gonna try some dyi fix for that . So cheap! Works a charm for an op-1 too!

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Probably shouldn’t be bringing up 4 year old posts just to plug your stands?

They’re lovely, I follow you in Instagram, but I’m not sure this is in the spirit of the forum. There is a Marketplace forum for sales.

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