Doctors are furious at this little known Digitone trick!

Hey Elektronauts,

If you turn on Layering so that Track 1 triggers both Track 1 and Track 2, then turn the volume down on Track 1, you effectively use Track 1’s sequencer to trig notes on Track 2, buy then you can use the blank sequencer area on Track 2 to add trigless locks to the same sound, and if you’re adventurous, you can make them conditional!

“Trig Layering” DEMO:


If anyone knows how to embed the video right here in the post, please let me know!

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Cool tip! Got to me explore the layer feature. I really wish DN had more voices!


Lol @ the topic title. Total Clickbait. But the content is legit. Nice trick!


Nice, conditional locks independent from notes…
So can you layer tracks 2-4 on track 1 and have 3 layers of conditional locks for one track, all 3 independently evaluated?

EDITED after trying some things out

So, when you use LAYER to “point” one track at another track, the original track is only sending basic trig info, like Note, Velocity, and Length to the receiving track. It’s the receiving track that contains the trigless parameter locks (conditional or regular).

So you’re not really “layering” Tracks 2,3, and 4 “onto” Track 1…you’re telling Track 1 to send it’s basic note data to trigger the other tracks, and it’s on the other tracks where you place conditional trigs. But there is still a lot of complexity to be discovered with this.


Subbed. That was a great video!

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Could you do this with loopback midi? Thereby using the four midi tracks to do your notes and then use the individual track trigs to do your conditional plocks?


Just tried it with one MIDI track…and it WORKS! oh, now my machine froze, I’m probably looping some data.

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Individual track lenghts should be interesting with this one!

thanks for the tip


could be this be useful for sidechaining other tracks to a kick track? eg- plock one-shot LFOs routed negatively to volume on all steps after a long-gate step that’s playing a chord or an arpeggiated bassline, let the neighboring track trigger those LFOs on each of its beats? this is starting to sound like cirklonesque intertrack modulation

also, how does this work with microtimed trigs on the slaved track? shortcut to reichian phasing stuff?

on second thought this might not work as I’m imagining it, but maybe someone else has an idea. would be wonderful to get a sidechain compression emulation going without having to duplicate trig events across tracks every time you wanna change the kick pattern (the oft-cited “elektron workaround” for this)

Dude I am going to try this today

Yeah, it appears that Layering can “send” only the aforementioned “trig” data to another track, but not trigless lock data. So, for now, I don’t think it will work as you described it. But yeah, there are good times to be had for sure as far as complex programming goes…Track 1 can trigger Track 2 at the same time Track 2 triggers Track 1. Haven’t tried it yet hahah.

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one more question :sweat_smile: is this layering feature available on midi tracks? manual seems unreliable so far on which sequencer features are available for both audio and midi

Was thinking could get som crazy percussion stuff going with these tricks

Messing with the neighbor conditions between all these interrelated tracks has got to be some real chaos. I’m interested to see what happens with different bar lengths as mentioned earlier too. This is a pretty wild tip.


I don’t think layering is avail with MIDI tracks. No machine in front of me here, as I’m at work. Pretty sure, though.