Documentation on MD synthesis types?

hey all,

just wondering if there’s a type or category of synthesis that can describe the PI engine. additive, subtractive etc… just wondering. would love to see a technical description of it

Physical modeling of percussion instruments.

Here’s an academic work (PDF) by someone-or-other:


awesome, thank you!

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Some light Google research gives a hint that this someone-or-other might be involved in the instruments we’re discussing. :wink:ärder-034a8858

Chalmers is the university in Gothenburg were Elektron kicked of with the Sid Station.


Yes i think is more on the MachineDrum area you can see it on the Product Design and Development Credits of the 1.12 MD user manual that came with MKI models. for my taste PI and GND machines are one of the best tools of the silver queen.

Hi Carl you still own a Machinedrum? if yes can you share some techniques… i dream with a polyrythm MD and your octatrack poly video is one of my favorites… makes me think on new ways…. good vibes and keep the good work


I don’t. I had first gen MKI when that came out.

Can’t for my life understand how I financed it as a recently graduated pre-school teacher.

Sold it when I gave up music after my daughter was born. (Correlation not causality).