Dodgy unit or am I missing something?

Brand new Digitakt owner here. First Elektron product and loving it. However, I’ve run into an issue. Been messing around with running my Minitaur through my Digitakt. No noticeable issues until I hooked it up to Ableton via Overbridge. The signal from my Minitaur was showing a massive load of noise on the right channel, which was odd as the input from going into the L Input on the Digitakt

So I unplugged everything and went back to playing around standalone. I cycled through the various recording input options and L is fine but R just has continuous loud crackling. And the LR option obviously has the same even with no inputs at all the R channel just shows massive noise signal.

I can work around it by essentially muting the R input while in standalone mode (and I guess through routing on Ableton) but could there be any trigger for this happening other than faulty R input?

Sorry, if this is a confusing description… I’m still finding my feet with the Digitakt!

Hey Mike.
It does sound like something isnt right with the physical input.
If it were me i would do a little fault finding exercise and try things like:

First make sure you are using an unbalanced jack (mono / tip+ ring). Using a balanced jack on a device that has unbalanced output (as does the minataur) into a device that has balanced inputs (as does digitakt) essentially means that there is a non terminated earth ratteling around at the end of your jack in the moog. Its good practice to only work with terminated earths imo.

Then i would try:
Pan the right input channel left and right on the digi to see what happens.
Try another source just to see if the fault can be replicated.

If the fault replicates then your best bet is to contact Elektron support Support | Elektron

use the standalone app instead of via ableton… it might simplify things a little
the standalone app is in the elektron folder on whatever os you are using (win/mac)

and check it is on latest OS… you should be able to find that.

Cheers, I’ll do a bit more testing. As the issue persists even when there’s no cables inserted into either input, I’m inclined to agree it’s the physical input. Good point on unbalanced Vs balanced - I’ll double check this!!

I’ll have a play, but I’m keen to get everything working in Ableton as I’m going to be using various VST FX to further mangle the synth sounds… Ableton will be the end destination for all additional production as well…