Does anyone here use an Octatrack with a band?

If so I’m curious to hear how you set the OT up and interface it with the other band members.

Currently my plan is to have the OT in studio mode with Track 1 as a dedicated and customisable-per-song click track, routed to the cue outputs, with the headphones set to listen only to the cue (for the drummer). Then I’d like the two vocalists routed through Tracks 2 and 3 for tempo synced delay madness. Then I’d like a few tracks of sequenced samples. Finally I might do some midi sequencing of my hardware synths.

I’m sure there’s other interesting ways of doing things.

I also like to have some measure of foot-control over the OT. Maybe some mutes, and some expression pedal action for controlling effects sends and things. Anyone doing this?

A search provided a few different instances of people using the Octatrack in a band context:

Yes i do. Gigs every two weeks or so.
Since i founded the band, :elot: is the backbone, and the musicians play along to the backing tracks, which I prepare according to the musicians I have on stage.
No foot control involved, but you can find midi switches easily.

No results showing up for me?

Yep, I’ve seen those threads. Thanks.

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When I click the link in my previous post, the search returns 50 results with this topic at the top and four or five other topics about various forum members’ use of OT in bands.

If the link doesn’t work for some reason, just type “Octatrack band” into the forum search box.

Thanks, I guess your link just doesn’t work on my mobile phone. All good.

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